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  1. Brion Memorial

    'Into the flowers that gift of life has passed.' (Paul Valéry)

    Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Memorial was commissioned by Onorina Brion and her son Ennio Brion in memory of her husband Giuseppe Brion as a final resting place for the family in the Northern Italian town San Vito di Altivole. The family had acquired an L-shaped piece of land adjacent to the existing cemetery of the town. Scarpa encircled the new site with an inclined wall separating it from the surrounding fields. The memorial houses a series of elements, that address different aspects of grief and related rituals: among them the propylaea, the water pavilion, the arcosolium under which Onorina and Ennio Brion are buried, the Brion family tomb, and the chapel. Carlo Scarpa is buried in the inner corner of the L-shape, adjacent to the village cemetery. The Brion Memorial is a place of meditation and reflection, offering solace, contemplation, and inspiration beyond the boundaries of faith.

    Anne-Catrin Schultz

    (opening extract adapted from essay in Scopio Newspaper)